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Vastu Shastra is an ancient system for construction. Vaasa means “habitat or dwelling”. Vastuguides the site fit for construction, ground preparation, designs, layouts and measurements.

The Vastu system of architecture, originated from the ancient India and dates back to around 5th century A.D., where the guidelines for the construction of cities, worship places, houses and other structures were laid down. The first treatise book on Vastu is “Bhrugu Samhita” written by the one of the most knowledgeable and reputed ancient seer “Varahamihira”.

Vastu emphasize on architecture utilizing five basic elements – space (ethereal), air (atmosphere), fire (sun), earth and water in a proper and proportional manner to blend the human body in harmony with nature so that the peace and prosperity is bestowed upon us. All the elements in ancient time were optimally used for the congenial construction of the comfortable and ideal homes.

The Famous Indian astrologer in Bangalore guide in the most authentic and scientific way regarding maintaining a balanced and harmonious environment in the residential, educational and commercial spaces. Focusing on the vaastu planning (initial phases of beginning a project), vaastu designing (seeking expert help in understanding vaastu principles), vaastu correction (remedial measures for rectification and adjustment of spaces) and Generic vaastu consultation for everyday life, they maintain the quality of life by implementing ancient sciences to keep the surroundings positive and beneficial.

As a renowned vaastu consultant, Expert Indian astrologer in Bangalore uses impeccable vision and knowledge, for enhancing the energy and harmony of an environment in an efficient way, to maintain equilibrium of the five elements (earth, water, air, sun and space) and to utilize their respective energies

Lacks of people irrespective of their (caste, creed and religion) around the globe have not only started believing in the vaastu Science but are also adopting the principles of vaastu Shastra in the daily life and people experiencing its benefice magnetism provide testimonies to its importance.

With an expansive experience and thorough knowledge of vaastu Shastra, the Top astrologer consultant in Bangalore has been bringing unique insight and providing instructions to people for the best usage of energy effects to maintain equilibrium and a congenital environment.

Having sustained the value and sanctity of the vaastu Tradition, the Indian astrologer offers practical and economical solutions for correcting and maintaining vaastu benefits to a broad range of clientele across the globe. The experience, expertise, support and an eye for detailed analysis makes the astrologer the most consulted and admired among different social circuits.

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